Monday, November 18, 2013

John Lewis Christmas 2013 Advert

Animation is such a magical way to tell a story, and I love good animation.  I went to college with dreams of becoming an animator and working for Disney so I have a strong appreciation for the craft.  Two of my favorite things, animation and Christmas, come together in this gorgeous short film for the Christmas campaign of John Lewis – a famous UK department store chain has become a symbol of the start of the British holiday season.

I loved this little film and was awed by the use of traditional animation over what I thought was live action footage.  Then I learned that this was done with stop motion animation!  Oh my goodness!  My love for stop motion animation is deep.  It bring together animation and theater (another one of my favorite things) with often amazing results.  The hand drawn figures were cut out of a ridged material so that they could be placed within the 3D models of the sets.  Utterly amazing.

To work on a stop motion film is another dream of mine.

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