Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally, after months of trying to get together, my dear friend Kristy came to Pittsburgh from Cleveland via the Megabus for a weekend of relaxing fun. A wonderfully lovely way to spend a long Memorial Day Weekend. It was so great to have an old friend around. We didn't make solid plans for the weekend and just decided to see what adventures would present themselves to us.

Saturday she arrived around 11am. After a delightful lunch sitting outside at Pirmanti's in Market Square, I took her on a walking tour of Pittsburgh. Market Square to Station Square to Point State Park to the North Shore and finally ending in the Cultural district where we sat across the street from the Benedum Center watching groups from various high schools enter the theatre to rehearse for that night's Gene Kelly Awards. We had fun trying to figure out the shows each group represented from what we could make out on their tee shirts.

After a quick stop back at my apartment we headed off to the apiary so I could say hi to my girls and do a hive inspection making sure that my hive wasn't one of the colonies that had recently swarmed. Kristy, not comfortable around that many bees, went across the street to taste some locally brewed beer at the East End Brewery. She came back with a growler of beer and a growler of root beer.

That night we attended a cute little show that a friend of mine was performing in and then headed off to a party some friends of mine from my theatre group were throwing at their house. The weather was perfect for a night outside around a fire pit, the food was amazing, and the company was fabulous.

Sunday, we went for brunch at Harris Grill. Now, I am not a usual for brunch but I might just have to become one after the meal at the Harris Grill. All you can eat fresh fruit, omelets mad
e to order, bacon, sausage, french toast, berry cobbler, fried potatoes, and a frozen mimosa took away the murky feeling from being out and up way too late the night before. After our delicious brunch, I took Kristy to see my office and a quick walk through CMU's campus as we headed to our afternoon destination - The Carnegie Library to see Harry and the Potters.

Sunday night was supposed to be movie night and homemade pizza. After my disaster with the pizza dough and a trip to Trader Joe's for more dough, we finally had some yummy homemade pizza while watching A Very Potter Musical. Our plan was to also watch the sequel but by 9pm I was fighting to keep my eyes open. I did catch bits and pieces of the sequel but those bits and pieces made the plot impossible for my more than half asleep brain to figure out. Maybe next time.

Monday morning I said goodby to my friend and spent the immensely hot day lying on my bed reading and napping.

Ah, the lovely Darren Criss :)

I'm going to need to start taking more pictures!!